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INFLUENCER QUOTES: 5 Top Influencers Talk Personal Leadership

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As a leader, you likely know how to lead your company, business or department. But how are you doing in terms of your personal leadership?

As a leader, you must learn to lead yourself to stay effective. And just as the way you lead helps shape your life, the life you live will help you lead. So when you become a better leader, you also lead a better life.

Ultimately, personal leadership offers you the chance to keep your values and your vision in alignment to create true prosperity – the kind of happiness that comes not just from financial gain, but also from the richness of your life.

So what is Personal LEADERSHIP and what does it mean to lead oneself effectively? Many aspiring achievers wonder what it takes to lead their lives and career with excellence and how best to evaluate it.

Well, 5 Influencers from around the globe share with BRAG! - what personal leadership means to them and how they are able to keep checks and balance.

Find Out what Award Winning Speaker & Leadership Expert - Maria Appelqvist, Legendary Actor & Lawyer - Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD), Law Attorney & Media Personality - LeTonya Moore, Indian Politician & Former BJP Leader - Vijay Jolly and International Speaker & HuffPost Contibutor - Maura Sweeney had to say about Personal Leadership.

Actor, Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD) is featured in 2018 Bold Issue of BRAG!
Maura Sweeney is featured in 2018 Bold Issue of BRAG!

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