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INTERVIEW: Network Marketing Superstar, Kemi Ajetunmobi Talks about Her Latest Book - "40 Pearls of Wisdom".

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To mark her 40th Birthday - Today's Author Guest - Kemi Ajetunmobi decided to take along 39 other women to SHINE with her in a collaborative book anthology, writing down their individual and personal stories with intimate details of the WISDOM they have gained from experiencing tragedies, pitfalls, life challenges, and self-imposed limits to form one beautiful inspiring experience in the book, 40 Pearls of Wisdom.

40 Pearls of Wisdom is a book with inspiring stories as told by women who have been there, done that and got a CROWN to show for it - their stories highlight some of life's most poignant experiences and circumstances which center around Hope, Perseverance, Honor, Death, Beauty, Support, Wisdom, Violence, Patience, Tenacity, Faith, Happiness, Love, Passion, Peace, Courage, Prayer, Fear, Heartbreak, Strength, Pain, Commitment and so much more.

The book features 39 Co-Authors...

  • Clara Rufai
  • Zeenab Akinnuoye-Agbaje
  • Cresta Durojaiye
  • Franca Egundebi
  • Tolu Dima-Okojie
  • Sally Bankong
  • Azuka Eneli Quadri
  • Jessica Nissege Mwakyulu
  • Faith Kapona Arikpo
  • Stella Bangura
  • Ugochi Okorie
  • Efe Anaughe
  • Valerie Muzelenga
  • Theophilus Pistis
  • Imani Dokubo
  • Valerie Pedro
  • Funmi Somoye
  • Olayinka Oluwadare
  • Taiwo Oludairo
  • Esther Chibuzor Anucha
  • Chipo Chitewe
  • Taiye Mercy Olaifa
  • IfeOluwa Iyaniwura
  • Ladi Philomena Ogun
  • Temilolu Adewole
  • Tomilola Adeoye-Phillips
  • Sharon Ifepariola Adegboye
  • Theodora Isola
  • Queenette Itsemhe Enilama
  • Folakemi Kuti
  • Peace BabaAli Malgwi
  • Halima Shwaib
  • Chika Miriam Ojieji
  • Ayisha Vera Abdussalam
  • Abimbola Lawuyi
  • Ifeyinwa Mbagwu
  • Temitope Oyebode
  • Chiagozie Salami
  • Melanie Dupre

Our Editor-in-Chief, Alex Okoroji got a chance to ask the Lead author- Kemi, a few questions about the book. Read Below and Enjoy!

1. Congratulations on the release of your Book. What's the story behind "40 Pearls of Wisdom" and what inspired it?

The inspiration to compile the book first started four years ago when I thought about just compiling my favorite quotes which I wanted to share on my 36th birthday to my online community and I was going to call it 36 Pearls Of Wisdom but I procrastinated and didn’t do it eventually. I thought about it again every birthday until I was approaching 40 and the vision became clearer and I got the inspiration on how I want the book to look like and the format it will take.

I wanted to gift a beautiful yet special gift to the world. - Kemi Ajetunmobi

2. Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?

The first story I ever read was the pacesetter series while I was in high school and from there I developed an interest in reading.

3. How did you choose your co-authors, were there any specific criteria or reasons for the women chosen?

That was one big task that almost discouraged me. First I listed out 60 likely women that would be in the book and I was super excited to share with them and all these women are people I had so much respect for - as they have Inspired me one way or the other.

And then the rejection and attitude started pouring in. Some read my messages and didn’t even acknowledge nor did they reply.

Some politely and genuinely said they are not ready for such a project.

Some started and then pulled out due to the emotional trauma.

I remember someone telling me to go and copy the story from her book if I want her story.

So much to discourage me but I have the best team, as we quickly sent out invitations to another set of women.

Today, we look back and we are super excited that we have the best women sharing their stories in the book. It’s pure joy.

4. What authors, or books have influenced you?

One storyteller that inspired me to develop my writing skill was PROFESSOR TAYO OLAFIOYE of blessed memory and his book "Tomorrow left us Yesterday" Inspired me so much as the setting of the book was beautiful and truly African.

Instead of chapters he used Tori one , Tori two etc . The stories are compelling and touching.

5. What would you like your readers to gain from your book?

  • Wisdom
  • Healing
  • Happiness
  • Joy and every good Pearl

6. Do you have any advice for new authors?

Writing a book is a Legacy and if you do it, it will outlive you.

It’s also a great source of passive income which will always pay you even when you are sleeping or after you are gone.

7. What's next for you and the book?

We are planning the big launch and book signing. Then maybe a tour of all the countries we have co-authors.

I hope to take the movement to the next level where we start having PEARL OF WISDOM MASTERCLASS to help women own their story and turn it around for their ultimate greatness.

The book is Available in Print & eBook --> HERE

More About Kemi Ajetunmobi, Lead Author of 40 Pearls of Wisdom

Kemisola Ajetunmobi fondly called MK is an Award Winning Network Marketing Professional and Business owner who leads the international beauty brand ORIFLAME number 1 team in Nigeria. As a wife and mom of two beautiful children, she is also the founder of PRMOM community, where they teach mothers how to become self-sufficient, gain financial freedom through the network marketing business model, she also runs a free Facebook group BUILD LIKE A MOMMYMILLIONAIRE (BLAM) for female entrepreneurs, sharing free business tips and training. As an avid philanthropist, her last project helped 50 small business owners migrate their business online as a way to give back to society. Kemi is presently working on an online TV series called BUILD LIKE A MOMMY-MILLIONAIRE (BLAM) SHOW billed to START AIRING soon, and will showcase women and mothers within network marketing, to set the record straight and promote the good ethics of marketing to the Nigerian market and the world at large.

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