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INSPIRATION: Program Your Mind - Revamp Your Life...

by Imani Dokubo

· Inspiration

I can imagine the reaction of people when the Wright Brothers first explained the concept of an electronic bird. Most would have felt it was totally impossible and others probably laughed at the thought of it.

Situations and upbringing sometimes cloud our minds so much that we find it difficult to think beyond what our eyes can see.

The mind's first reaction to change is resistance, so we must learn to teach our minds to make adjustments if we intend making any real progress in life.

Truth is, you can do anything you program your mind to believe, ANYTHING!

Franklin D. Roosevelt once stated that the only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts for today.

If you doubt it you simply cannot conceive it. If you cannot conceive it, you cannot achieve it.

This goes far to say anything created is first created in the mind.

It's the most powerful tool in life.

If you can program your mind, you can revamp your life.

Yes, you can program what your mind believes and produces.

You might ask, “how then do I reprogram my mind”?

You can do so by practicing the following:

1. Focus and decide: You'll have to focus and decide on what exactly you need or want for your life. By focusing on what you want for your life, you give your brain a direction, a path to stay on. The mind needs to work with a clear vision of your future. If it has nothing to work with, you are left with the same mindset you've been framed to believe at a much younger age, by people and your immediate environment.

2. Positive Affirmations: If you have never tried this before, you need to start today. Dr Mona Lisa Schultz, a neuroscientist, stated that "Affirmations change the way our brains are wired and the brain lights up differently. They have biochemical, neurochemical, and neuropharmacological effects." If you're brave enough to speak something new and positive in your life every day, your mind will gradually tilt to believe it is something that has to be done, and will counter believe systems that don't support it.

3. Change your circle: You can never rise above your circle. If you still spend time around people with the old mentality you're trying to walk away from, it will rub off on you and ultimately make change impossible. Just like Jim Rohn states “you’re the average of the five people you spend the most of your time with”. For some of us, the only reason why there has been no major change in our life is that we still cling to circles that add no value to us.

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Make a decision today…

Reprogram your mind, revamp your life.

If your mind can conceive it, you can undoubtedly achieve it.

About This Author

Imani Dokubo is a storyteller, content creator, and poet. She is also Assistant Editor of BRAG! and Co-Author of the book "40 Pearls Of Wisdom". She strongly believes that words are powerful. She also believes that specially selected words are vital to take readers/clients through a journey of the value they would get from products or services.

Having found her inner core in writing after graduating with a degree in computer science, Imani helps establishments craft content that attract their ideal customers. She is a scribe at Christ a Poet (CAP) where she is committed to spreading the Gospel of Christ through creative writing and poetry.

Driven with a passion to revamp mindsets and help humanity with her gift, she finds fulfillment in depicting words that engage the emotions of her readers through the art of storytelling. Apart from playing with words, Imani enjoys reading, listening to music, and dancing.

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