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INSPIRATION: Forget What You Don't Have...

by Imani Dokubo

· Inspiration

A lot of times, people tend to point at what they do not have as the reason or reasons why they aren't making any progress in life.

The question however is,

  • What have you done with what you have?

As little as you claim it is, what have you done with it?

How many lives have you touched with it?

People of influence are not necessarily respected simply because they are wealthy, but because of the value they give, and the lives they impact.

If they had lamented on what they didn't have, I doubt if anyone would know and celebrate them today.

There's this quote I love by a thought leader

"It is not what you don't have that limits you, it is what you have but don't know how to use."​ - Steve Harris

Truth is, rather than waste quality time lamenting about what you lack, and laying blames on everything but yourself, ask the right questions:

  • What do I have?
  • What can I give?

When your mindset is framed and directed towards giving VALUE with what you know, your growth is sure.

We are in times where, how much you have in the bank stands less valued if you aren’t positively impacting lives. How long will you allow situations to dictate the outcome of your life?

It is high time you stood up, and step out.

Give yourself permission to live!

Instead of competing with others, trying to fake who you're not, pour all that energy towards building yourself with what you've got.

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What is that thing you can do almost effortlessly?

Have a conversation with yourself and ask these vital questions. Once you have answers, you can start building from there.

It might not look like much at first because you're starting from the scratch, but it's better you start building from the scratch than scratch your way from top to bottom, that would be a disaster.

Learn to experience the joy of growth by constantly seeking to improve the little you have, or know.

Shamelessly showcase your gift to the world, and set out the course of your life by simply being you.

The world needs YOU!

About The Author...

Imani Dokubo is a storyteller, content creator, and poet. She is also Assistant Editor of BRAG! and Co-Author of the book "40 Pearls Of Wisdom". She strongly believes that words are powerful. She also believes that specially selected words are vital to take readers/clients through a journey of the value they would get from products or services.

Having found her inner core in writing after graduating with a degree in computer science, Imani helps establishments craft content that attract their ideal customers. She is a scribe at Christ a Poet (CAP) where she is committed to spreading the Gospel of Christ through creative writing and poetry.

Driven with a passion to revamp mindsets and help humanity with her gift, she finds fulfillment in depicting words that engage the emotions of her readers through the art of storytelling. Apart from playing with words, Imani enjoys reading, listening to music, and dancing.

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