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FEATURE: Former US Army Veteran & Cancer Survivor, Brandi Benson releases her debut book -"The Enemy Inside Me".

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Author, Brandi Benson holding a copy of her book - "The Enemy Inside Me"

Former US Army Veteran & Cancer Survivor, Brandi Benson releases her debut book - a Memoir, The Enemy Inside Me which launched on Wednesday, 21 November 2018, and was published by The BRAG Media Company.

This book tells the touching story of her struggle to stay alive battling a rare type of Cancer "Ewing's Sarcoma" during her deployment to Iraq in 2008. It is the true account of a young soldier's fight that begins in wartime Iraq, miles away from enemy lines.

On a recent live radio interview on The NAKED TALK, the Author, Brandi Benson shared the personal experiences she had while writing the book and gave behind-the-scenes insights to identifying symptoms, as well as tips and life lessons to help people overcome the enemy inside them, no matter what it is.”

The Enemy Inside Me by Author Brandi Benson

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Creative Director and Publisher, Alex Okoroji states...

This book was written to document Brandi's journey, as well as create awareness and sensitize people on what Ewing's Sarcoma really is. I personally had never heard of it before getting Brandi's manuscript in my hands, and I can tell you - This book is a stunning exploration of life, risks, rebellion, and the fight to stay alive. The release of the book also celebrates her 10 years as a Cancer Survivor (as she conquered the enemy inside her). - Alex Okoroji (Publisher).


The Enemy Inside Me by Author, Brandi Benson

She had only recently come into her new life as a soldier in the U.S. Army when she was sent to wartime Iraq, just months after basic training. Brandi Benson forms a mental picture of the threats she might face, composed of M16s, hand grenades, and land mines. Her first encounter with a dangerous threat comes during an airplane ride to a hospital in Germany and ironically propels her toward an internal battle that leaves her reeling in shock. To Brandi's surprise, this threat does not appear in the form of men with machine guns, but on a medical scan that reads, Ewing's Sarcoma.

The Book is available for sale on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Indiebound and bookstores around the world. You can also buy at the discounted price on her Official Website


Brandi Benson is an American Writer, Speaker, Business Owner and Cancer Survivor. She is also the founder and CEO of Resume-Advantage, an employment service for both civilians and transitioning military veterans. Her debut memoir tells the touching story of her Ewing Sarcoma diagnosis during her deployment in Iraq in 2008. With a BA in Mass Communications and Journalism at Ashford University and a Master of Fine Arts in Writing at the Savannah College of Art and Design. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Education at Concordia University in Chicago. Brandi is dedicated to using her second chance at life to create awareness and help fellow cancer survivors, participating weekly for the Livestrong cancer survivor program.

To contact Brandi Benson, please email or her publishers .

The Enemy Inside Me by Brandi Benson
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