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Famed Author & Lawyer - Adriana Gavazzoni is on the Cover of BRAG 2018 Bold Issue & She is Influencer of the Season.

Famed Author - Adriana Gavazzoni is on The Cover of  2018 Bold Issue of BRAG!

Our Cover Influencer of the Season - Adriana Gavazzoni is definitely what one might consider a triple threat. The Brazilian lawyer who speaks 4 languages fluently, and is currently learning Chinese..... is also a law professor.

Not only is she a practicing attorney, but she is also an award-winning author who has published books on 2 continents, in fiction and non-fiction categories.

Her book on law was published in Brazil, and her two psychological erotic thrillers were both published in the United States.

Her first novel, Behind The Door, won The Golden Book Award, 2017 Reader’s choice, The Book Excellence Award, 2017 for Best Erotica, in addition to receiving honorable mention at The Paris Book Festival, 2017, and wild card and honorable mention at The Reader’s Favorite, 2017 in the best mystery category.

Adriana Gavazzoni featured as Influencer of the Season for BRAG! Magazine

Adriana Gavazzoni is also a philanthropist and works tirelessly to raise funds for Hogar de Niños, which is a charitable institution for abused children in Paraguay, a neighboring country of Brazil.

Adriana Gavazzoni is featured in BRAG! Magazine 2018 Bold Issue

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