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INSPIRATION: You Will Hurt Yourself, If You Can't Huddle...

by SharRon Jamison

In high school, I played on the varsity basketball team. I wasn’t that good of a player; My low self-esteem tainted everything I touched, but that’s a different story. But what I really loved about playing basketball was being in a huddle.

The huddle was where the players would get close to each other and put their arms around each other and listen intently to the coach. The huddle.

Even the girls who hated each other and talked behind each other’s back, at the moment, put their childish, cliquish issues aside and joined in to listen to the game plan. The huddle.

Even though we were different colors, different ages and had different dreams, at that moment when the game was on the line, we were one connected, unified group. We were a team. The huddle.

When we were losing, we gave each other strength. When we were winning, we cheered each other on. When players were selfish in a way that jeopardized us winning, we chastised them. When players didn’t follow the game plan, we corrected them. The huddle.

The coach’s presence was irrelevant. We were committed to each other. Of course, our teenage commitment only extended to the length of the game, but we realized we had a common goal…winning. We wanted victory. The huddle.

The huddle was that sacred space where every player mattered. The superstars locked arms with the benchwarmers. The drenched, sweaty girls shared space with the dry girls. The black girls hugged the necks of the white girls and brown girls. We shared water bottles, sweat-soaked towels, high 5s, tears, and energy. The huddle.

I could not explain it then, but I somehow knew that “Huddling” was empowering. I knew that those 30-60 second time-outs did something to our collective souls, and I knew it was spiritual.

Huddling reconnected us, refocused us, re-energized us, and re-emboldened us. What one player emotionally and physically needed, was unselfishly given by someone else.

We shared, and we cared.

The huddle.

I graduated from high school over 35 years ago, and I still remember those magical times more than I remember the games. I don’t remember who scored, the names of some of the players or the names of the schools we played, but I remember the magical moments of the huddle. The huddle.

  • Do you have a huddle? 
  • Do you have people who you nestle with, in times of tribulation, tragedy, and trouble? 
  • Do you have confidants that make you feel safe enough to be open, honest, and authentic? 
  • Do you have teammates that you can visualize with you, dream with you, and strategize with you? 
  • Do you have people who are so confident in who they are - that you can be who you really are? 
  • Do you have a tribe that is so committed to confidentiality that you can genuinely share your strengths, successes, and your sensitivities? 
  • Do you have people who cheer for you and celebrate you even when you are struggling to cheer for yourself? THE HUDDLE.

To be happy and healthy in life, you need “huddlers.” It does not matter if you are in a family, a corporation, the military, a sorority, an organization, or on a sports team.

You need people to huddle with you. You need people, and people need you because research confirms that people who have strong support systems not only live longer, but they live fuller and more meaningful lives.

And isn’t that what you desire and deserve?

Don’t you want a group who “gets” you and galvanizes you to greatness? Do you want comrades, colleagues, and collaborators who lovingly confront, celebrate, and correct you?

Find people to huddle with. Find your tribe. Find your team. Find your sister circle. Find your brother circle. Find your network. Find your peeps. Your life, your livelihood, your legacy, and your ability to love depends on finding people who share a common goal and who openly care about you.

Are you ready? Where are your “huddlers”?

Go get some huddlers. Then, love them. Nurture them. Motivate them. Be there for them!

It’s time to SOAR!

About The Author...

SharRon Jamison is a highly sought-after inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, author, visionary and life strategist, who has been teaching principles of love, leadership and self empowerment for more than 25 years.

She is the founder of The Jamison Group - a leadership training and development company, specializing in personal transformation and relational healing, changing lives with her "Dare To Soar Higher" mantra & movement. She helps her clients set goals, develop a plan of action to achieve the tangible results they desire. She also provides strategies on how to develop emotional resilience, so that clients increase their personal and professional effectiveness. She is the award-winning author of 4 Solo Books and 3 Anthologies. She is working to release her 5th Solo Book - Deciding to Soar 2: Spiritual Truth For Chaotic Times.

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