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SOAR BEYOND LIMITS: How To Win The Day with Marcus Y. Rosier

by Dr Tylisha Johnson

· Soar Beyond Limits

I had the amazing opportunity to speak with Mr. WIN THE DAY himself… Marcus Y. Rosier!

Mr. Rosier begins by saying, October 10, 2010 was a very notable day; in fact, it was the birthday of Win the Day lifestyle! 

He defines Win the Day as...

A productivity life practice to convert time into money and monetize your minutes. By doing this it increases your personal value and daily productivity. You take every hour of the day and make it worth $100, which makes the whole day worth $2400. Now you plan your day surrounding dollar amounts instead of - with a task because there is a higher emotional connection to money than there is to time. As a result, you increase your productivity and your personal and professional value.

Amazingly, he has been living it out and doing it every day since 2010. Here are a few things we talked about...

Q: What was the problem that you identified in your life or the lives of others that birthed the Win the Day life practice?

Mr. Rosier: “I started with myself. It is not enough to just say every hour is worth $100– at the end of everyday there is a paycheck for myself of 2 hours and 40 minutes.” Basically, 10 % of the day went back into me, so I didn’t have to manage all $2400, but I had to guarantee that I could pay myself $240 or 2 hours and 40 minutes. The problem I identified is that people would always say time is money but they never truly practiced this truth. As a result, of implementing this life practice, in a one-year span I did much more than I would have done in 20 years. I wanted to write a book from the age of 10 to 30 and ended up writing 23 books in 3 ½ months. Operating at maximum productivity, I also created three albums, and five coaching programs. What made the difference was nothing more than paying myself, as I increased my productivity; I increased my personal and professional value.

Q: Based on your experiences and overall testimonies from entrepreneurs and corporate executives that you have worked with in the past; what are the most common obstacles people deal with to winning the day?

Mr. Rosier: So many are becoming entrepreneurs now, but they have never lived in a system that they have created…. Now that they have become an entrepreneur and they haven’t created an entrepreneur system or schedule, the majority of them spend more time in product creation rather than running a business. Entrepreneurs end up struggling because every time they are running low on money they think well let me create more products. No, you do not make more money by creating more product, you make money by running your business (marketing and sales).

Q: In your coaching experience, do you suggest that entrepreneurs build their life around their business or their business around their life?

Mr. Rosier: I think you cannot grow your business bigger than you can grow yourself. The focus for me in anything that we do is to deal with the mindset first. If you can think the business, then you can grow the business….Create a schedule, hire your systems, and remove limiting beliefs of what is a lot of money.

Q: As you have worked with entrepreneurs in building from the inside out, what have you noticed with their ability to stay focused and holding themselves accountable to the productivity for each day?

Most people would be more successful if there were no social media. Social media provided an opportunity for people to reach the world. The level of focus is not so much time on task; it is the thought process of not embracing the process, and being ready to share with someone a snapshot of an end result that they have not reached yet. They are marketing what they have not mastered. They are cashing checks and making people pay for things they do not have a life resume for.

So many are becoming entrepreneurs now, but they have never lived in a system that they have created.

Corporate executives must focus on not being a successful failure. I know that sounds oxymoronic. When I say a successful failure, I mean it does not matter if you can manage millions of dollars and 500 employees if you cannot manage a household with 2 kids and 1 wife. That would make you a successful failure because you are successful in the things that do not matter. Therefore, if you are standing getting an award and the people that you wake up to are rolling their eyes – you are a successful failure.

In the absence of a standard, everything has free access to your life. When we talk about action and showing our priority – the standard determines the action.

Q: Give us 3 Big Tips – How Can Entrepreneurs and Corporate Executives Win

  1. Hire a handful of Habits – We know how to hire employees and how they can add value to the company, but we do not know how to screen and hire a handful of habits…. I might mess all this other stuff up, but this is what I’m going to master all year long.
  2. Empty your hearts – Anything that you have bottled up in your heart get it out, and learn from your execution and not your education. The new buzzword for procrastination is I am doing my research. It is procrastination in its undercover agent clothes. The solution is to put a timeline on your education. 
  3. WIN THE DAY – What I live by and believe is that people should give themselves a payday gift (so to speak) to invest into their life account. WIN THE DAY IS LITERALLY ABOUT INVESTING INTO THE ACCOUNT OF YOUR LIFE. Whatever life throws at you and hits you with, you can reach inside yourself and fight against it.


Find out more about Marcus Y. Rosier, Win the Day, Monetize Your Minutes, and the launch of the EPIC NATION, other books, music, products and services at and Marcus Y. Rosier on all social media networks.

About The Author

Dr. Tylisha Johnson is the Founder, CEO and Chief Strategist of Transcending Horizons Enterprises Business Strategy Agency, that serves constituents with superior excellence by developing customized winning methods, tactics, solutions, and plans to ensure they soar and transcend their horizons. She helps people “Soar Beyond the Limits” in business and life. She Activates, Inspires, and Motivates others to Aspire Higher by speaking at a variety of events for youth, women and entrepreneurs. She has a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Bachelor of Business Education (B.S.), Associates in Ministry and a Life Coaching Certification. Her areas of expertise include business and strategic planning, team training, nonprofit strategies, curriculum/workshop development and strategies for life for women seeking to pursue their dreams while successfully nurturing their families.

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