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SHINE Influencer Series: Meet The Boldness Coach - Vaneese Johnson

This week, we asked The Boldness Coach™, Award-Winning Global Speaker and Leadership Coach, a few questions. She shared her perspective on what it means to SHINE.


We continue our Special Series featuring the amazing global influencers who are speaking and sharing their brilliance at the LEAP AND SHINE CONFERENCE 2020 coming up in London, UK on February 21-22.

1. When you think of the word SHINE what first comes to your mind? And what does "Shining" look like from your Point Of View (POV)?

Boldly beaming in your Brilliance!

"Shining looks like a confidence of boldness that glows from the inside out." - Vaneese Johnson

It's a spiritual vibration that creates curiosity about who you are and how you bring influence to the world.

2. What would you say is your Shine Factor?

My Shine Factor is definitely my BOLD, BIG & BAD persona that allows me to be a demonstration of what owning your true authentic self looks, sounds and feels like. I allow others to give themselves permission to find and shine in their level of boldness.

3. What are your thoughts about Mentorship and Influence, do you think there is a connection?

Absolutely, I believe there is a connection between mentorship and influence. They both work in collaboration as mentorship is about guiding a less experienced person, and influence is about having an effect on the character, development or behavior of someone.

4. Mentorship is a two-way relationship between the Mentor and the Mentee. Can you share two qualities you think mentees should exhibit in other to get the best out of their mentors?

Quality one

"A mentee should have a consistent track record of personal and professional development that are in alignment with their growth goals." - Vaneese Johnson

Quality two: A mentee should have examples of where they have made personal investments into personal/professional development courses ( i.e. conferences, seminars, certificate programs, online course, etc.) A mentor will appreciate when the mentee has put some "skin in the game".

5. Can you think of one specific moment in which you dulled your shine and how you got your lustre/sparkle back?

I went through a major life event and I realized afterwards that I had dimmed my shine in order to make the other person feel more comfortable about themselves. I went from owning my shine to seeking permission to shine. I felt numb and dis-empowered. Once I came to my senses, I prayed and reconnected with my true essence, accepted and aligned myself with my God-given purpose which birthed the Boldness Coach (tm). As the Boldness Coach (tm), I help high-potential and high-performing women leaders find their level of bold and live a life of no permission needed.

6. If you could BRAG about one particular Shine Moment in your career, or business what would it be?

My greatest Shine Moment is the release of my book bundle - BOLDISMS: "Disruptive Thoughts to help you Live Bold, Big & Bad" and workbook. Designed to help shake the reader out of their old way of thinking and disrupt their pattern of self-talk that may no longer serve who they are becoming -

7. You are one of the Global Speakers at the February 2020 Leap And SHINE Conference in London, What should attendees expect from you at the Conference?

Attendees can expect a high-energy and high-engaging talk on The Evolution of Bold. A soul-stirring talk that is rooted in self-awareness, self-direction and self-trust as you journey into finding your level of bold!

About Vaneese Johnson

Vaneese Johnson The Boldness Coach™, is an Award-Winning Global Speaker and Leadership Coach, Author, Certified Career Management Coach, Business and Personal Brand Strategist. She is also the Founder of the Global Movement, No Permission Needed™ where she invites women to take up residence in the realm of self-trust, self-acceptance and self-direction to own and live the life you were born to live.

As a powerhouse possibility creator and transformation instigator, Vaneese teaches and empowers today’s women leaders through her proprietary success fundamentals of Branding Out Loud Daily (BOLD), Building in Your Gifts (BIG), and being Branded and Distinctive (BAD) to accentuate their professional presence with authenticity and authority while making a purposeful impact in the world. Her strategic approach allows clients to better connect their talents, skills and values across diverse groups and industries resulting in relevant, high-impact engagement.

Connect with Vaneese at

About The Event

The Leap and Shine Conference which started in 2016 as a Virtual Summit is an initiative founded by Clara Rufai, The Shine Strategist offering Creative, Interactive and Transformational opportunities by bringing together global Thought-leaders and Influencers for paradigm-shifting, life-defining discussions with the aim to inspire, equip and empower individuals to break free from their prisons of limitation and take a ‘LEAP’ into their ‘SHINE ZONE’.

The two-day event promises enlightenment, education, entertainment, and networking with a line-up of successful global achievers. The theme for the conference is “Ready to Shine” and targeted at individuals and business leaders seeking to grow momentum and build a network of fruitful collaborations.

Tickets are already available on sale at

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