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SHINE Influencer Series: Meet Motivational Speaker - Coach Corey Hicks

This week, we asked Motivational speaker- Corey Hicks, a few questions. He shared his perspective on what it means to SHINE.

As we count down to the Shine Legacy Award, we continue our Interview Series featuring the amazing global influencers who are speaking and sharing their brilliance at the LEAP AND SHINE CONFERENCE 2020 coming up in London, UK on February 21-22. Enjoy!

1. When you think of the word SHINE what first comes to your mind? And what does "Shining" look like from your Point Of View (POV)?

When I think about the word shine, the first thing that comes to mind is unleashing the illuminating glow that resides within you. Shining represents the ability to present your gift to the world. This gift is what separates you apart from everyone else. It's your beacon of light that many are attracted to because of your uniqueness in this particular area.

2. What would you say is your Shine Factor?

My ability to motivate, inspire, and impact individuals regardless of where they are in life. My shine factor allows me to serve as a life changer!!

3. What are your thoughts about Mentorship and Influence, do you think there is a connection?

Mentorship and influence certainly have a connection, and the two are desperately needed to impact change. Without influence, the mentorship piece is very hard, because most individuals select mentors who positively influence them and represent a place in life where they aspire to be.

4. Mentorship is a two-way relationship between the Mentor and the Mentee. Can you share two qualities you think mentees should exhibit to get the best out of their mentors?

In my opinion, the two qualities that are paramount for mentees are humility and a desire to learn. For a mentee to get the best out of their mentor, their humility will ultimately determine the type of learner they will become. Humility eliminates egos, which can stand in the way of being open to new suggestions. The desire to learn is the second piece that will assist in persevering through potential obstacles and challenges one may face on their journey.

"A humble heart and a willingness to learn for a mentee will always, in most cases, set the tone for an excellent experience when working with a mentor." - Coach Corey Hicks

5. Can you think of one specific moment in which you dulled your shine and how you got your luster/sparkle back?

I can think of one moment when I was trying to be what everyone thought I should be, as opposed to embracing the true gifts that gave me my shine.

"When we work within our gift, we give off an illuminating shine that’s contagiously attractive, and the work we do isn’t considered work, because it's what we would do for free." 

- Coach Corey Hicks

As long as we can recognize this area, our spark remains consistent. But, the moment when we attempt to be something we were not called to do, our spark and desire will leave out of spiritual dissatisfaction to the heart’s desire.

6. If you could BRAG about one particular Shine Moment in your career or business what would it be?

The time I received the prestigious award of Influencer of the Season by BRAG magazine. This was indeed a tremendous accomplishment and solidified the countless years of hard work I had invested in making a difference in the lives of those individuals I directly impact on a national and international level. I was indeed humbled and elated to hear the news, which will forever be one of my fondest moments.

7. You are one of the Global Speakers at the February 2020 Leap And SHINE Conference in London, What should attendees expect from you at the Conference?

A heartfelt, passionate speaker that’s coming to impact change through inspiration, motivation, and assisting in helping to define a clear pathway to the mantra of winning in every area of your life.


Dr. Corey Hicks is a two-time NCAA All-American Athlete, Author, Coach Motivational Speaker who has presented for several National & International Organisations including the Caribbean Sports Ministry, as well as other major corporations within the United States. He currently serves as a Successful Corporate Marketing Executive within the Biotech Industry, and as Founder & CEO of the Three V’s Foundation. - a truly inspirational humanitarian brought up from humble beginnings and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Instead of crumbling under life’s challenges, Corey transformed his circumstances into an opportunity for growth and has used adversity as an invitation to motivate, encourage, and inspire others.

The secret in his book "Values, Vision, and Versatility" has played a significant role in the guidance and transformation of who he is today. With a BA in Early Childhood Education, a Masters Degree in Health Science and a Ph.D. in Health and Human Performance, Coach Corey’s life is based on the concept that "All things are possible".

Connect with him at

About The Event

The Leap and Shine Conference which started in 2016 as a Virtual Summit is an initiative founded by Clara Rufai, The Shine Strategist offering Creative, Interactive and Transformational opportunities by bringing together global Thought-leaders and Influencers for paradigm-shifting, life-defining discussions with the aim to inspire, equip and empower individuals to break free from their prisons of limitation and take a ‘LEAP’ into their ‘SHINE ZONE’.

The two-day event promises enlightenment, education, entertainment, and networking with a line-up of successful global achievers. The theme for the conference is “Ready to Shine” and targeted at individuals and business leaders seeking to grow momentum and build a network of fruitful collaborations.

Tickets are already available on sale at

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