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NEWS: UPWords Magazine, Honors Inspiring Individuals with 2019 UPWords Achievers Award

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The desire to excel is what separates outstanding achievers from the rest of the lot. Everybody has their own reasons to strive to be the best or to make a difference in the world. Some may do it silently, some may be vocal about it to garner the support of the masses. Whatever the reason, what makes these people stand out is their achievements.

And it is the desire to highlight such achievements that gave birth to the concept of the ‘UP WORDS ACHIEVERS AWARD’.  

Guests present at the prestigious award ceremony were RT.Revd.Bishop P.S.P.Raju (President, All Faith Forum), UP WORDS Brand Ambassador Tony Taylor (Top Gospel Artist of the year 2019, Mr Golden Global King 2018) from USA, Dr Rachael Rudolph (Assistant Professor of Social Science and Researcher at the Bryant University-BIT Zhuhai Programs, Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai) from USA, Miao Ruthe nun-in-charge of Fo Guang Shan Calcutta Buddhist temple, Lamin S Janneh from Gambia, Dimuthu Senarathna from Sri Lanka, Ramesh Juglan, (Producer, Director & Chairman North india film TV Artist Producer Association) etc.

The awardees were - Indian National Life Representative of The World Mixed Martial Art Council(U.K), Coach & a SUFI Spiritual Leader in Chistiya order M A Ali, Ayesha Noor, the Golden Girl from the Slum of Kolkata (international gold medalist in Karate), Environmentalist N K Kurian, Young and energetic CEO of Silco Group, Gaurav Bhattacharjee and social activist Sumit Mondal. The audience was entertained with Tai Chi Fan Dance by the members of the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Monastery.

I’m sure our nominees and winners don’t really need awards to tell them they’re doing a fantastic job, but we find that as a society, it is part of our duty to recognise those who go a step further. All our nominees are winners as they have put the welfare of the community before self and have not been motivated by personal ambition but by their abiding love and concern for the community.

- Abhijit Ganguly, CEO of UP WORDS magazine

It was a glittering function attended by the who-is-who in Kolkata. An event that will be remembered for long!!!

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