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INTERVIEW: Ashley Little is Creating Her Own Seat at The Table...

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As the CEO of Ashley Little Enterprises and co-founder/owner of T.A.L.K Radio & TV Network, LLP, Ashley Little is creating a seat for many through her books and platforms that help people to connect and collaborate. She is dedicated to building genuine relationships and leveraging her connections to help others get to their next level.

In this influencer interview, Ashley sits down with Editor-in-Chief, Alex Okoroji to share her journey and the motivation behind it all.

1. Please tell us what growing up was like for you that motivated you into working for the "for-profit" education field.

My childhood was great, I grew up in a two-parent household and my parents always instilled in me to get my education. Your education is your weapon, and no one can take your education from you. I grew up wanting to become a lawyer, but plans changed after I started working in the For-Profit Education field. I love the fact that I am able to change lives daily through education.

2. Who are your mentors and what role have they played on your entrepreneurship journey so far?

My mentors have instilled in me to go after what I want and create my own opportunities. I am blessed to have mentors who speak into my life and push me into my greatness. I am very passionate about continuing to build my own tables and making room for others at the table.

3. What is your core value and how has that helped you reach out to others better?

My core value is to always be willing to serve and give to others. I love serving and helping others. A truly successful leader is one who reaches back and pulls forward.

4. I see you have written several books, lets talk about your new Best-Selling Book "The Gyrlfriend Code Sorority Edition" what motivated you to write it?

What motivated me to write The Gyrlfriend Code The Sorority Edition was to show the world unity in the divine nine. Next, I reached to some very powerful women throughout the divine nine to be a part of my vision and collaboration book. I want readers to see positive relationships, unity, and sisterhood in every sorority. Also, I want readers to understand it doesn't matter what sorority you are a part of we are still sisters at the end of the day.

5. What is your greatest fear as an influencer?

FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. I have learned to ignore the distractions, do it scared and do it, anyway. Take the calculated risk and JUMP.

6. Can you tell us one thing that you will do right if given the opportunity to go back and make corrections?

I would have taken the jump and started my businesses early. However, I am thankful for the process and understand that timing is everything.

7. What is that one thing you can say has helped you scale through the process of birthing your dreams, and expressing yourself through different mediums?

One thing that has helped me scale through birthing my dreams is having the right people in my circle. Change your environment and you change your life. You have to protect your dreams and only give people access to it who can see it properly. Every relationship in your life should add value. if your relationships do not add value remove them immediately.

8. How do you effectively manage your time with all you do on multiple platforms?

I make to-do lists and I have different days set aside for each platform. However, I am always working each day to make sure I give each platform some of my time.

9. What was your greatest driving force into becoming who you are?

My greatest driving force has always been to create a legacy. Next, remember no one is going to give you anything in life you have to create your own opportunities.

You can connect with Ashley Little on Facebook and on Instagram.

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