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INSPIRATION: Keep At It, Therein Lies Clarity...

by Imani Dokubo

· Inspiration

While considering a course of study for College, "Being a Writer" was not in view at all. All it was for me back then was a hobby. It took me a year and some few months after graduation to know that I needed to take this up as a career.

It became a burning passion I had to give expression, but it wasn't sudden.

Does it mean I had wasted years the whole time? Of course not. Every thing that led me to this point was a vital part of the process.

We are in the second week of January and I'm certain most of us are still pumped up for the year.

By the third and fourth week, it's likely some of us will draw-back for one reason or the other, one of which is clarity.

You might get your hands on a few things, and get to a point where you start doing too many things at the same time.

Just know it's okay...

  • It's okay to question yourself.
  • It's okay to desire to be known for a particular thing.
  • It's okay to seek clarity.

What's not okay is drawing back and calling it quits, because you think people will see you as confused.

A good point to note is that clarity comes with time, clarity comes with taking action. If you don't take a step to do something, you'll never find out what exactly you feel passionate and comfortable doing.

It's a process, it's a journey and therein lies clarity.

About The Author

Imani Dokubo is a storyteller, content creator, and poet. She is also Assistant Editor of BRAG! and Co-Author of the book "40 Pearls Of Wisdom". She strongly believes that words are powerful. She also believes that specially selected words are vital to take readers/clients through a journey of the value they would get from products or services.

Having found her inner core in writing after graduating with a degree in computer science, Imani helps establishments craft content that attract their ideal customers. She is a scribe at Christ a Poet (CAP) where she is committed to spreading the Gospel of Christ through creative writing and poetry.

Driven with a passion to revamp mindsets and help humanity with her gift, she finds fulfillment in depicting words that engage the emotions of her readers through the art of storytelling. Apart from playing with words, Imani enjoys reading, listening to music, and dancing.

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