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EDITOR'S NOTE: 11 Tips to Lead Your Personal Life & Business With Excellence

by Alex Okoroji

· Editor's Note

"If YOU don't have much - perhaps it's because you haven't become much."

SUCCESS is something you attract, by the person that you become. If you want MORE, you must work at becoming more.

There are too many talented people who NEVER accomplish anything... because they focus so much on what they think their hands, legs, face and body can do.

They forget that the body has limitations but the MIND doesn't. In fact, the mind is the only part of our being that can expand, conceive, create and achieve whatever it wants. Yet many people rarely focus on building their minds daily.

They will exercise their body, pamper their faces, wear quality make up, treat themselves to a spa date, massage, good food, vitamins or whatever they need to maintain the outer body.

But these same people will rarely pick up a book, listen to a teaching, meditate or find ways to connect with powerful minds and thought leaders that will enable them to achieve the success they want.

How many good singers who focus solely on their instrument "The Powerful Voice" they have and all the many octaves they can sing, yet go nowhere in their career.

When visually impaired men like Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles or Nigeria's Cobhams Asuquo play musical instruments on key, without their physical eyes or a blind man like my good friend, Maxwell Ivey Jr (The Blind Blogger) who writes a Weekly Inspirational Blog and has Authored Three Books himself...while some people who have their vision still hold on to their numerous excuses.

It's ALL in the MIND...How often do you NURTURE it, stretch it and exercise it?

Two weeks ago, I was a speaker on THE LEADERSHIP BOUTIQUE hosted by International Speaker, Award-winning Author & Life Strategist - SharRon Jamison from Atlanta, USA with 6 other powerful women who lead with Beauty, Boldness, and Brilliance.

I was excited to connect, empower and answer questions on personal & business leadership and how THE NAKED Philosophy (my freedom mindset) helped me to lead my life efficiently and operate at the highest level of my authentic best.

Plus how I've been able to take my brand & message globally - from inside Africa.

I shared tips, insights and resources.... And HERE are some key takeaway from my session that will help you LEAD your personal & business life with excellence.😆👍



These are some of the Nuggets:

1) When you choose to collaborate, make sure your vision aligns with your collaborator's vision.

2) Be Proactive. Ask to partner or to be on shows or stages. Don't FEAR rejection. Be intentional about every single goal.

3) There are two ways to get PAID for the work you do: Goodwill and/or Cash. The NAKED TRUTH - Goodwill is a currency that can get you much further than money can. (that is how I got featured on a huge billboard in New York Times Square, and how I got invited to be a speaker & member of the Advisory Executive Council (AEC) for the WOMEN ECONOMIC FORUM (WEF2017) in India.🙌

4) Use your negotiating power to be compensated for your work; Money is not the only way to get compensated. Sometimes, an unpaid project might create the opportunity to leverage on it and attract other opportunities - i.e my work as an International Contributor to The Huffington Post didn't pay me directly but brought me opportunities that paid me.🙌

5) All collaborations should be win/win. You win...They win...Everyone involved wins.

6) Don't be afraid to let people know who you really are. REVEAL yourself - Your Awesomeness, Your Expertise and your Unique Selling Point. Don't hide your brilliance.

7) "Get Naked" - Its okay to be vulnerable and transparent to earn TRUST (trust is important in business and leadership) People only follow leaders they trust. People only do business, partner or BUY from people they trust. Its okay to strip away all masks, barriers & boundaries creating a wall or limiting you.

8) Identify the limiting beliefs that prevent you from looking at OPTIONS, in different markets.

9) Connect with people - No matter where they are in the world. Develop relationships.

10) Always add VALUE. People will always want to work with you - if you add value to their lives and projects too.

11) Apply my Tranformational principles of A.S.R.A for Personal & Business Success.

You can find out more about my transformational principles HERE.

I hope some of my nuggets are helpful.

Stay Authentic & Keep Winning!

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