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10 Ways to Slay & SOAR Like Influencer - SharRon Jamison

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As celebrators of Influencers and Achievers, we are all about Goals, Goals and More Goals. So, have you mapped out your Goals for 2018? Are your goals in alignment with your values and your vision?

Have you decided how you'll create impact and influence - using your gifts, talent, skills or platform?

Not sure what you can do this year to go a step further to create meaningful impact in the world, or in the lives of those who need the brilliance YOU have to offer.

Here are a few suggestions - Things you can do this year to SOAR with your gifts, thanks to our "BRAG! 2016 Influencer of the Season" SharRon Jamison for being a true example of positive Influence and leadership in 2017.

Here Are 10 Ways To Slay & SOAR Like SharRon Jamison...

#1. Write A Best-Seller. Sounds too easy. Okay, we know that getting a bestseller is way harder than just dreaming about it, but you can start somewhere, right? How about you put that book out first? Start by writing the book you've always wanted to. We all have a story, a lesson or a message that the world needs to hear. What better way to influence a mass number of people, than through a good book.

SharRon Jamison Released a Bestseller in 2017 - Deciding to Soar: 180 Lessons to Catapult Your Life.

#2. Collaborate with Other Influencers. Success is not a "One Man Journey". You need other people in your tribe. Better still, you need a circle of goal-getters just like you. Sometimes adding your voice to the voice of others, creates bigger & louder impact. Maybe you can't write a book on your own. Collaborate with someone else to reduce the stress or burden of doing it all on your own. Maybe you want to start a podcast, you can reach out & co-host a show with someone else who has more success or experience hosting one already. You can even co-author an article or blog post...Yeah!

SharRon Participated in 2 Anthologies - Open Your G.I.F.T.S. and I Bared My Chest

#3. Release a Course or Coaching Program. You are probably an expert in a field or niche. You have years and tons of experience doing something that adds value. Put your expertise to good use. Create a course or group coaching program that enables you to teach what you already know - to more people at once.

SharRon Created - "You Can Depend On You" Video Course. You can still SIGN UP HERE.

#4. Get on Stage & Speak to a Crowd. You have a Voice. Get Up There & Share it With the World. It may not be a Global Stage or a big stage. How about at your company's AGM or a School Valedictory, Perhaps at your church youth gathering or the business luncheon?

SharRon Spoke throughout US, Mexico and Panama in 2017. Way to Go!

#5. Get Spotlighted in Major Media Outlets.

SharRon was Cited and Featured in The Huffington Post. in Thrive Global and was also Featured in Atlanta Voyage

#6. Get Seen On TV. Television is a great way to be seen and heard.

SharRon was Featured on Atlanta's Channel 57 and was a Guest on TD Jakes Show - "The Bishops Village"

#7. Host Your Own Events. Yes YOU too can gather a group of influential people in your niche, industry, church, group, or community to host your own event. It doesn't have to be elaborate. It could be a Live or Virtual (Online Event). It could be a simple Breakfast or Lunch Roundtable, a Meet & Greet, A Panel Discussion, A Conference or Private Retreat. 

SharRon Jamison started The Leadership Boutique for women leaders in March 2017 and recently Hosted a global facebook LIVE event from December 22nd - 31st, with 25 Diverse speakers & leaders from different walks of life, background, ages, and countries like the US, Canada, Brazil, Nigeria and India at the DARE TO SOAR HIGHER Countdown to 2018.

Some of the speakers who shared brilliant lessons, nuggets and tips from 2017 were, Actress & Author Kim Coles, Author & Podcaster June Archer, Author & Speaker Lucinda Cross-Otiti, Branding Photographer Stacy Pierce, John Shamburger, Corey Hicks, Frankie Picasso, Clayton Jackson, Jyoti Tiwari, Collen Pratt, Dr Vicki Johnson, Sherri Leopold, Imani Baskin, Dr Tanya Lowe, Regina Poole, Thema Azize Sewa, Dr Monique McMiller, Charese Matthews, Dawn Marie Westmoreland, Abhijit Ganguly, Tariq Abdul, Marcus Y, Rosier, Denene Alvarez, Alfred Weems, Victoria Nkong, Anika Wilson Brown, our Editor in Chief, Alex Okoroji and Cover Influencer - Adriana Gavazzoni.


#8. Get Interviewed on Podcast and Radio. Podcasts are so in the digital space. With millions of people consuming audio content on the go. You can put yourself, your work and your message out there and get in front of thousands, even millions of listeners who can benefit from what you have to say and offer.

SharRon was Interviewed on The Good Radio Network in Canada. She was on "Support is Sexy" Podcast hosted by Elayne Fluker and was a Panel Guest on the International Roundtable on DYNAMIC WOMEN TALK RADIO w/ Sandra Beck & Linda Kreter

#9. Get Featured in a Global Magazine. With the world now being a global village, your potential clients, customers, audience, tribe, partners or collaborators are just a tap away. No more playing small. No more playing local. It's time to go global and take your message, brand and work to an audience outside of your immediate environment.

SharRon was featured in The October 2017 Issue of India's UpWords Magazine and was Listed as Dynasty Dreamers in Kish Magazine

SharRon Jamison is Featured in October Issue of Upwords Magazine

#10. Contribute, Write a Guest Post or Blog for a Publication. It's a great way to get your thoughts, name and expert views on other people's platform and attract their audience to your work.

SharRon has written an Incredible Article titled "Leadership is Influence" in the Latest Issue of BRAG 2018!

So which one of the above, are you going to do MORE of in 2018? Feel FREE to share in the comment box below.

She's Got The Power!!!

Want to Read SharRon Jamison's Powerful Influencer Insight? titled "Leadership is Influence" in our latest 2018 Bold Issue

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