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FEATURE: Felicia Phillips, James Michael Sama, Shawn Anderson, Lisa Nichols, Lucinda Cross, Tayo Rockson, Harbeen Arora and Others become BRAG! Magazine's 10 Influencers to Watch in 2019

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BRAG Magazine 2019 List of 10 Influencers to Watch

We love people who are creating influence in the world, and so we decided to put together our own list of Influencers we can not take our eyes off.

They are the 10 Influencers to Watch in 2019. In no particular order - We can't seem to take our eyes off

  1. Business Expert, Founder of Pink Network and MogulCON - Felicia Phillips
  2. America's Leading Relationship Writer & Speaker - James Michael Sama
  3. Extra Mile America Founder & #1 Best Selling Author - Shawn Anderson
  4. CEO of Motivating The Masses Inc & New York Times Best-Selling Author - Lisa Nichols 
  5. Global Chairperson of Women Economic Forum (WEF), All Ladies League & Vice-Chancellor of Rai University in India - Dr. Harbeen Arora 
  6. Diversity Speaker, Consultant & Media Personality - Tayo Rockson 
  7. President & Founder of Activate Worldwide - Lucinda Cross Otiti 
  8. International Speaker & Author - Rusty Labuschagne 
  9. CEO & Founder, Global Woman Magazine & Global Woman Club - Mirela Sula
  10. Relationship Coach, Speaker & Bestselling Author - Stephan Labossiere

They are Global TrailBlazers, Actionaries and Game Changers who have used their platforms, brands, skills or messages to successfully inspire, EMPOWER and influence people to take massive action in 2018. Their stories are real and their journey has been one of several transformations. And they are driven by a universal mission to create IMPACT in the lives of others.

The best part is that they show no sign of stopping or slowing down in 2019.

Remember their names, visit their platforms and follow them - because you'll be seeing a lot more from them in 2019.

Felicia Phillips and James Michael Sama featured on BRAG! Magazine 2019 Bold Issue
Shawn Anderson and Lisa Nichols featured on BRAG! Magazine 2019 Bold Issue
Dr Harbeen Arora and Tayo Rockson featured on BRAG! Magazine 2019 Bold Issue
Lucinda Cross Otiti and Rusty Labuschagne featured on BRAG! Magazine 2019 Bold Issue
Mirela Sula and Stephan Labossiere featured on BRAG! Magazine 2019 Bold Issue

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