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Nella Chikwe, Knows What It Takes to be Unstoppable!

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Her unwavering relentless determination & resilience to live out her big dreams, with confidence, certainty and conviction has made her a highly sought after Thought Leader and Purpose to Profit Strategist. Where she changes the lives & inspires Visionary Women Globally.

Nella Chikwe is featured in the 2018 Bold Issue of BRAG!

Nella Chikwe, is a dynamic International Speaker, Thought Leader, Adviser, Author, Self-Publisher and Purpose to Profit Strategist. She is the Founder & CEO of multiple organizations, one of which she specializes as a leading authority on empowerment, leadership with power of influence and impact. She actively equips and empowers corporations and visionary entrepreneurs in areas of personal and business development. Nella’s area of expertise includes; entrepreneurship, thought leadership, wealth creation, mindset mastery, sales and influence.

Nella Chikwe is featured on Page 93 in the 2018 Bold Issue of BRAG

She is the Founder of ‘The Unstoppable Woman Of Purpose.’ Its mission globally, is to empower visionary women to lead, inspire, influence and impact thus fulfilling the principles of abundant purpose-driven living! Nella trains, equips and empowers them to lead unstoppable lives with passion to purpose. Thus, allowing them to step into their greatness and create their platform for impact. Ultimately leads them to prosper in life and profit in business.


Nella’s mission is to empower the lives of every visionary entrepreneurial woman, to lead successful lives and businesses with confidence, certainty and conviction; whilst being unstoppable in her expansive thinking, creativity, giving & living.

Creating a global movement of Empowerment in Women; The Unstoppable Woman of Purpose. Reaching women globally who desire to unleash their inner-fierce self, embrace their gifts with feminine grace, ignite their passion, value their worth and ultimately step into that UNSTOPPABLE Woman of Purpose they were meant to be. Who will then unapologetically charge her power and catapult in life and business!


For every visionary woman to live life on purpose with passion. To prosper in life and profit in business, being spiritual, smart and substantive. As the world is waiting for her to INSPIRE, INFLUENCE and make an IMPACT to those she is called to serve.

To value the importance of genuine connection, contribution and divine collaboration within the scope of impact that is inimical to competition and comparison.

To inspire greatness in women so that they can become that formidable force of possibility and an unapologetic confident leader. She will step into her greatness, become unstoppable in pursuing her purpose with passion, who charges her power both financially and emotionally. Ultimately allowing her Voice, Vision & Visibility to make an impactful difference around the globe.

Read Her Interview in Our Latest 2018 Bold Issue of BRAG!

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