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BRAG! GOOD READS - Summer Collection

Stop Dieting Start Living - by #1 Best Selling Author, Ellie Savoy

Learn How To Break Free From The Struggle of Excess Weight Without Surgery, Sacrifice or Struggle. Discover the real secret to lose weight fast and keep it off! Stop Dieting Start Living is a simple guide that will help you break free from yoyo dieting through focusing on health and not weight loss.

This book is not another diet book or a book full of recipes, or even a push for only eating nutritious food. Instead it focuses on our inner relationship with food, our bodies and our health.

Do you think you only have two options when it comes to excess weight? That was Ellie too.

In Stop Dieting Start Living: 5 Foundations for Your Health to Permanently Lose Weight Without Dieting, Starvation or Suffering in Silence author Ellie Savoy explains the “Powerful 5 P’s for Permanent Weight Loss” and finding freedom from food. Priorities. Pretending. Perception. Plan. Passion.

This eye-opening book pinpoints the real reason diets don’t work and offers simple solutions to help the reader enjoy a healthy life and body. We don’t put the wrong fuel in our cars so why are we putting the wrong fuel in our bodies? If you follow this process, this can and will work for you, too.


 Monetisation Strategies For Authors


Today on the show, we discuss the impact free books are having on the publishing world as well as monetisation strategies an author can employ. We also discuss the self published book Sidereus Nuncius by Ethan Howard. There are some freebies up for grabs, so watch to the end to find out more details.

 Writing Style For Authors


Today on The Segilola Salami Show, we discuss the different writing styles authors can use in writing. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Think about the type of book you are writing too. If you were to write both fiction and non-fiction, which voice would you use?


What Are You Currently Reading? Share With Us!


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Award Winning Author & Life Strategist, SharRon Jamison Covers BRAG Winter 2016

We are super excited to present our Cover Queen & Influencer of the Season (Winter 2016).

For over 25 years, SharRon Jamison has passionately encouraged people to transform their lives physically, emotionally and spiritually. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hampton University, Hampton, Virginia and a Masters of Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University, and is currently pursuing her Masters of Divinity degree at the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, Georgia - USA.

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LET'S GO BRAG Podcast: Guest - Frankie Picasso Talks About Creating A World of Endless Possibilities.

In this Special BONUS Audio, our guest is Frankie Picasso - a Canadian Social-Preneur, Talk Show Host, Artist and Champion for Change who has been transforming lives and influencing culture for the past 30 years. She is a solution strategist, mistress of possibility and founder of The Good Radio Network, a socially conscious radio platform as a vehicle for social impact and change.

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THROUGH THE LENS: Nigerian Filmmaker, John Njamah Beams The Spotlight On Storytelling For Impact

John Njamah is a highly sought after director in the Nigerian television and film industry. He is an award winning actor, director, writer and content producer. In the past 10 years, he has had his hands in at least six out of every 10 television drama series as a director. His TV drama directorial credit includes:

1) Fuji House of Commotion
2) Tinsel
3) Living In Lagos
4) Solitair
5) Casino
6) Emerald
7) Tide and so on.

On why he is more into drama, Njamah said, “I’m first and foremost a storyteller and long term drama series affords me that opportunity to tell my stories visually and see things unfold with every passing EPISODE. Once in a while, I fall back to direct movies if the script is right.”

Get your digital or print copy of BRAG Winter 2016 to Read John Njamah's Insightful Interview.